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3 day bone broth fast

3 day bone broth fast


Bone Broth Fast Benefits

If you haven’t read about the benefits of bone broth you’ve probably been living under a rock.

None the less here are the top benefits that have me hooked:

  1. Fights inflammation

  2. Full of collagen and is anti-ageing

  3. Great for your gut health.

If you want to read about more about the benefits and the science behind it here are some great articles I recommend by The Healthy Chef and Dr. Axe

Why I did a Bone Broth Fast

I’ve had bloating, constipation, sensitivities to food such as bread, feeling lethargic and sluggish since I was about 20, I’m now 31 and I don’t think my story is different to a lot of females my age. I love food. It brings me great joy and like most people I can sometimes over indulge when out with friends etc. 

I’m not overweight, I’m pretty health conscious, I rarely eat processed/unnatural foods and I’m moderately active. So why the frick does my stomach feel so uncomfortable??! Why can’t I eat certain foods without severe bloating??! Over the past 5 years I’ve been to see Ayurvedic practitioners and one doctor when my constipation and bloating was at its worst. I think it’s so common and complicated these days that it’s not really seen as a major issue. Some tips I learned from Ayurveda according to my Dosha that has helped me is the importance of having warm hot food rather than cold salads. Also eating an hour after I wake up to get the digestive system moving. While this has helped I still suffer from bloating and inconsistent bowel movements, so I decided to take more drastic action. 

I know I have some kind of imbalance but as anyone with gut issues will know but finding out what it is can be a long, frustrating and expensive journey. I read the book Healthy Gut, Healthy You, by Dr. Michael Ruscio and his protocol recommends starting with a 3-5 day bone broth cleanse. It’s a book worth reading and he explains the gut and it’s potential issues very clearly. 

When reading this book some intuitively clicked that this is what I needed. My digestive system a reset and a rest. This nudge to do a bone broth cleanse kept coming up but it wasn’t until I had an extreme bout of haemorrhoids and other issues that left me needing to take a week off work. I’m 31, not 51 by the way so this was definitely the push to take this more seriously and started to plan for a bone broth fast. 

Bone Broth Fast Plan

Ok, so here is what I did in the lead up to my fast that I highly recommend you do if you’re seriously considering a bone broth fast. 

  1. Find a partner in crime 

I wouldn’t have been able to do this alone. I convinced my BF to do it as the thought of him cooking and eating in our house, or enjoying meals while I was on a fast made me feel like I couldn’t do it. I also thought that if I did it alone I wouldn’t be accountable and would find an excuse mid way through and start eating again. This turned out to be key. During the fast my bf and I had different low points and struggles. We were able to pick each other up and convince each other to keep going. It was also being slightly competitive with each other, to see who could last the longest as well. 

I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty miserable 3 days (I’ll go into detail) so having  someone who is on the same page as you was key for me. 

  1. Wean yourself off the good stuff

I had been eating quite a lot  in the months leading up to this so my appetite was pretty big. One thing that really helped me was, a couple of evenings leading up to the fast I replaced my evening meal with bone broth. It was an easy way to start getting used to eating less. 

Another thing that really helped was 3 weeks prior I gave up coffee. My boyfriend didn’t do this and there was a big difference in our energy levels, which I put down to his caffeine withdrawal. I had the same tiredness when I gave up coffee in the weeks prior and it’s no joke. Having that out of the way meant I had HEAPS of energy. 

  1. Psychological Prep

The evening and day leading up to the fast I read every article on the internet relating to Bone Broth fasting and to be honest there wasn’t a lot of details, which is why I’m writing this. 

What I did find was a lot of in-depth articles on water fasting and I ended up down a rabbit hole. I feel like this personally helped me more than I thought it would. Although a water fast is way more drastic, there are similarities and it helped me to understand what to expect. 

Reading the overall benefits of fasting and things like experiencing tiredness or pain means your body is working to heal really helped in tough moments and kept me going.

How to do a bone broth fast

Bone Broth


We bought many jars of Love & Bones Broth for this fast for convenience. We drink this broth all the time as they sell it at our local organic store UMU and I highly recommend.

However, I do make my own broth from time to time and it is very easy and a lot cheaper if you have the time.

Day 1 - Friday

I felt pumped by the challenge and psychologically prepared. Always thinking about the benefits to get me through. Deleted instagram, played chess with my bf and drank a cup of bone broth. Went to bed by 9pm. 

Day 1-2 - Saturday 

Woke up at 6am and didn’t feel hungry. In fact, I felt pretty great and full of energy. We went to the beach for a dip and then that's when the thoughts of food came in. Saturday morning is synonymous with food and having a leisurely breakfast out and about in Bondi. We were missing a ritual and social occasion which was hard. Went home and had bone broth instead and instantly felt full and replenished. 

By 11.30am all our jobs were done and felt like we’d completed a whole day's work. By that stage we were feeling pretty miserable that we couldn’t eat but weirdly not hungry at all! I went for a facial at 4pm and my bf bravely went to a friends birthday party for an hour. 

At 7.40pm we went to the cinema, which in hindsight was a bit too late. We were both shattered. Not having food in the cinema was also very hard but we knew it would be and we survived. 

Overall thoughts for day 1:

Missed the ritual of planning, preparing, going out for food at the weekend. The whole day and time went extremely slowly. Tummy felt really light. Went to the toilet but hadn’t gone two days prior. That night I  dreamt I ate food and cheated. Saturday morning I was down 2kg. 

Day 2- 3 Sunday

Woke up full of energy at sunrise and felt really light.  We went for an early morning swim. On the 5min walk down to the beach I felt dizzy and slightly weak for the first time but not hungry. Came back and drank bone broth. 

That afternoon we went for a surf which I was reluctant to do because I thought I wouldn’t have the energy. My BF convinced me otherwise and he was right. It was an awesome distraction and amazing to be out in the ocean. We then booked a massage around the corner from our house. This is something I highly recommend. Having the facial and massage felt like a good replacement for not being able to eat. In the future when I do this again I will be booking in more self-care treatments. 

Sunday afternoon was the lowest point all weekend. I felt pretty weak but more just fed up and deprived of joy. I nearly back out and had some veggies but my BF convinced me that I had made it this far and not to quit. Early that day I had made an herbal infusion tea of nettle, raspberry leaf and goji berries and this saved me, along with more bone broth. 

Worth noting that by this stage my BF was sick of Bone Broth and was more or less just water fasting and drinking herbal teas. I on the other hand couldn’t get enough of Bone Broth and drank about 2.5L that day. 

After that I went and bought some veggies from the organic store around the corner to prepare for my first meal at lunch on Monday. I was surprised that I didn’t have an urge to eat what I had prepared and it was incredibly easy to resist given that 2hrs earlier I was about to crack. 

Overall thought for the day:

Today was the toughest day even and although I had bundles of energy. I felt sorry for myself that I was missing out on food.. Didn’t go to the toilet (I know you’ll want to know, I did when I was doing it). Slept incredibly well. 

Day 3 - Monday

I didn’t feel hungry but getting to work I felt weak and really wanted to eat. Even though I felt weak I was more than capable of doing work. I felt more alert and energised than any other Monday. I know feeling weak but energised sounds like a complete contradiction but it’s true. As I sat at my desk by 10am I did get distracted thinking about what I was going to eat at 12.30. That then quickly became an obsession and I was getting no work done so I text my boyfriend who had already eaten at 10am. I officially cracked at 11.12 am. 1.5 hrs off 72hrs.

I had a piece of rock melon and all I can say is WOW! Best piece of food I have ever tasted. It was multi dimensional. Melon had never tasted so flavoursome. 2 small pieces of cantaloupe, 2 pieces of watermelon and strawberries. Eating fruit was a nice respite after a weekend of bone broth.

Post Bone Broth Fast & Side Effects

I felt incredibly light and energised but really hungry. I was constantly obsessing about food and how good food is.

I lost 2kgs but interestingly my boyfriend lost 4kgs. As I mentioned, after the fast I was felt really unfulfilled after every meal. I was trying to eat healthy but I was obsessing about Pizza, chocolate and pasta.

After the fast I noticed I had hives after certain things like spices and nuts.

I didn’t go to the toilet for 2 days.

I noticed how anxious coffee made me. It instantly made my chest and throat tight. I had two coffees and a glass of champagne on Saturday and I felt so on edge that I haven’t drank coffee since. This was a real eye opener to me on how much coffee/alcohol affects the body.

One thing that it really brought to my attention was my relationship to food and how I view it. It has really opened my eyes to how much I use it to numb and distract. As well as my relationship to my body and how I don’t use food to fuel it.


Would I do it again? Yes ! And here’s why:

  1. I felt amazingly light, focused and energised.

  2. It made me appreciate and look at food completely differently.

  3. It made me aware of my relationship to food and my body, where I wasn’t before.

I plan to do this quarterly, as well as replacing my evening meal with Bone Broth 2-3 times a week. Anyone keen to try this with me next time?

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